Spotlight on the Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner/Clinical Nurse Specialist

Advanced practice nurses who are certified as Adult Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioners/Clinical Nurse Specialists (AG-ACNP/CNS) have earned a master’s in nursing with a concentration that allows them to manage patient care in acute settings. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, acute care nurse practitioners are responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of acute disease conditions. Nurse practitioners who are certified as Clinical Nurse Specialists are also qualified to assume staff leadership positions and play an important role in improving critical care systems. Originally posted 2016-05-03 06:41:20. Republished by Blog Post Promoter

Nurses and Their Impact on Oncology Care

Nurse dedicates her life to oncology Tami O’Brien has seen people survive and she’s seen people die. She’s held patients’ hands and watched parents scream and cry as their worst nightmares come true. As the director of oncology at Northfield Hospitals and Clinics, the Waseca resident shared some of her stories with a smile on her face, and at one moment, tears in her eyes. Not once in the more than 20 years she’s worked with cancer patients has she wondered if she chose the right path. “I never have days where I question why I do what I do,”

Some of The Best Medical Careers for Men in 2016

Badly Drawn Dad / / CC BY-NC-ND Exciting medical careers for men are many, although it may initially seem like they are limited to physician and nursing jobs. While some of these jobs could be physically requiring and require workers to be on call and work long hours, they represent opportunities for males looking for rewarding and rewarding careers. Being a nurse is one of the best medical careers for guys. This job has in the past been characterized as a career for females, but men are gradually overcoming the obstacles and realizing the benefits of working as a nurse.

What are the top 5 healthcare careers in 2016

The international healthcare industry offers a wide range of career opportunities for jobseekers. Considering diverse career possibilities, jobseekers should have a clear idea about which field of employment they want to enter. Before making a decision to take up an international job, candidates need to consider a number of things including international travel, employment and cost of living abroad among others. Language certification documentation is an important part of getting ready to occupy jobs internationally. Students who aspire to find international jobs should also participate in study abroad opportunities while completing their graduate or undergraduate in school. There are various

How to Become a Travel Nurse

How to Become a Travel Nurse

It’s true—there is a job that enables you to travel the country in a high-paying position while also helping people—that of the travel nurse. Travel nurses work as temporary fill-ins for people on sick or maternity leave, or help out during local emergencies or nursing staff shortages. A nurse must be an RN to become a travel nurse and the job duties correspond with the area of a nurse’s specialty—essentially the same duties the nurse would have within a healthcare establishment closer to home. Working outside of the country is also an option, although in general nurses tend to make significantly more money within the United States. Whether at home or abroad, travel nursing has excellent benefits, including the chance to gain useful and unique professional experience while seeing new places, and meeting new people.

The duties and responsibilities of a travel nurse depend upon the nurse’s specialty. A travel nurse who is a surgery specialist will assist in surgery while a travel nurse specializing in cardiac care will work in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) or on the cardiac care floor. Travel assignments range from 8 to 52 weeks, although 13 weeks is a common period of time for assignments. Housing for a travel nurse is generally part of the hiring package and is often handled through a separate agency such as a travel nursing company. NurseTraveler is a good resource for those interested in learning more about international opportunities available.

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A travel nurse must have an RN degree. There are three pathways to becoming a registered nurse: A hospital-based nursing school, which usually takes four years to complete; an associate’s degree in nursing, which generally takes two years (followed by another 1-2 years of schooling for a bachelor’s degree); or a bachelor’s degree (four years) in nursing (BSN). The American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) considers a bachelor’s degree to be the minimum requirement for any career in nursing. After becoming an RN (and passing the N-CLEX exam), an individual can choose to specialize in an area of interest such as acute care, surgery, pediatrics or cardiac care by getting a master’s degree in nursing (MSN).

…More at How to Become a Travel Nurse

Travel Nurse Pay and Benefits: Everything You Need to Know

As a travel nurse, you receive some of the best benefits in the industry, sometimes even better than nurses working in full-time, permanent positions.

Our travel partners: American Mobile Healthcare, NursesRx, Medical Express and  NurseChoice(4- to 8-week assignments), are the most experienced travel health care companies in the industry and offer competitive pay and benefits.

Select from the following categories to find out more about the various benefits offered to travel nurses:

  • Compensation and Bonuses
  • Choices
  • Insurance Benefits
  • Housing and Travel
  • Services


More take home pay

Travel nurses receive lucrative pay through our partners with their new, higher take home pay rates. Travelers on assignment with our partner travel nurse staffing agencies will now receive a take home pay rate that includes a daily allowance for meals and incidentals. Travel nurses are usually guaranteed a minimum number of hours for every assignment, as well, which can include overtime pay rates. While on assignment, you will be paid by the payroll department of your travel nursing company.

Sign-on and completion bonuses

Are you interested in earning some extra cash? Many of the facilities that our travel partners work with offer sign-on and completion bonuses of up to $6,000 for travelers. Your recruiter can provide you with further details.

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What it takes to be a travel nurse today

A few years back, travel nursing was pretty simple. If you had a year of recent hospital-based experience and wanted to become a travel nurse, you would sign up with an agency, tell them where you wanted to go, and in no time you were enjoying the location of your choice.

Today, while the process might be the same, the game has undergone a few rule changes.

When the economy was slumping a couple of years ago, the industry was down, and assignment availability was almost half of what it was the previous year. Currently, travel positions are on the rise again, and the industry continues to strengthen. However, the hospitals continue to demand the best travelers and those with the most experience. While seasoned travelers can still often find assignments in their desired locations, those just entering the game do face more of a challenge.

For example, I correspond with a great deal of nurses in their first year of practice who are anxious to get on the road. I recently responded to an email from a nurse who was in her first six months of practice and wanted to know if I could recommend companies that would take her with such little time in the field. I told her I was not aware of any and even begged her NOT to seek them out. I explained that travel nurses have to be independent in their practice, and as I have written countless times before, “on the road” is not the place to be honing your skills as a nurse.

Even those that may have a year or two of experience, if you are still enlisting the help of the charge nurse (or other practitioners), for basic skills such as lab draws, or inserting catheters, IVs, or nasogastric tubes, the road might not yet be the place for you.

While one year of experience was long-considered a normal standard before transitioning to the healthcare travel field, many staffing companies have started asking candidates to possess two years of clinical experience. Certainly, there are still companies that can place you with only a year of experience, but you might have more of a search in finding them. You also have to consider whether or not you want to join just any company that will take you, or work with a certain company that might best benefit your career.

Now more than ever, it’s important for new travelers to be open to multiple locations when seeking a first assignment. If you want to work in San Diego, but the only positions available are in Los Angeles, take the L.A. assignment just to get your foot in the door. Then when it comes time to look for your next assignment, you will no longer hold the title of “first-time traveler” (which some hospitals specifically exclude from positions), and a San Diego hospital might be more inclined to take a traveler coming down from Los Angeles rather than one coming all the way from the East Coast.

…More at What it takes to be a travel nurse today

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