How to Become a Travel Nurse

How to Become a Travel Nurse It’s true—there is a job that enables you to travel the country in a high-paying position while also helping people—that of the travel nurse. Travel nurses work as temporary fill-ins for people on sick or maternity leave, or help out during local emergencies or nursing staff shortages. A nurse must be an RN to become a travel nurse and the job duties correspond with the area of a nurse’s specialty—essentially the same duties the nurse would have within a healthcare establishment closer to home. Working outside of the country is also an option, although

What are the top 5 healthcare careers in 2016

The international healthcare industry offers a wide range of career opportunities for jobseekers. Considering diverse career possibilities, jobseekers should have a clear idea about which field of employment they want to enter. Before making a decision to take up an international job, candidates need to consider a number of things including international travel, employment and cost of living abroad among others. Language certification documentation is an important part of getting ready to occupy jobs internationally. Students who aspire to find international jobs should also participate in study abroad opportunities while completing their graduate or undergraduate in school. There are various

What are The Best Medical Field Jobs 2016

Interested in discovering a higher paying career that will not need years of colleges and university or thousands of dollars of loan personal debt? Take into consideration a project in the medical field. The project market in the medical area has actually continued to be sturdy in spite of the existing recession, and also with several positions needing only a couple years of college, many healthcare employees can take advantage of a higher salary as well as effortless access to advancement in a few years time. A few of the top careers in the medical industry for 2012 include: Registered

Find the Best Medical Jobs For Your Future

With such scope and development in medical jobs, there are really many choices offered to anybody who desires to get a job in health care. This article covers the finest medical jobs, as well as the easier means to get one. The Top Medical Careers You Might Not Know Of Nursing is the solitary biggest occupation in the medical sector. With more than 2 million nurses employed in the United States alone, there is wonderful need for registered and experienced nurses the world over. To become a nurse, you could get a diploma or an associate degree in an accredited

Top Nursing Careers in Demand For The Future

LPN program offers entrance into nursing

Nursing has become a sought-after career because of its job security, flexibility and advancement opportunities.

Job demand for nurses is expected to grow by 26 percent through 2020, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. With the population aging and many nurses nearing retirement age, the need for new nurses is expected to continue rising.

“One of the fastest gateways into the profession is through a practical nursing diploma program,” said Theresa Snagg, program director for the practical nursing department at Georgia Piedmont Technical College. “Many of our students are in their late 20s to 50s, and working on a second career.”

Practical nursing students receive the academic and clinical training required to care for patients and to pass the national NCLEX-PN licensing exam.

“Working under the direction of physicians or registered nurses, LPNs are needed in hospitals, doctors’ offices, clinics and nursing homes,” Snagg said. “Many of our graduates will find jobs at sites where they did their clinical training, and some will go on to complete their associate degree to become registered nurses. The advantage to becoming a practical nurse first is that you can get into the job market faster, and you can work while earning your RN degree.”

Innovations in healthcare access will burgeon. Medical errors cause enormous numbers of people to die or suffer excess morbidity: unnecessary pain, longer recovery, etc. ObamaCare will mean that more than 40 million Americans who were previously uncovered are now eligible to receive medical care, plus the 12 million people currently in the U.S. illegally. Few experts predict that there will be an accompanying increase in doctors, nurses, MRI machines, operating rooms, etc. On the contrary, many doctors are quitting and fewer people are becoming MDs because of the low reimbursements and heavy paperwork, which will likely increase further.

Career implications: Kaiser Permanente, the nation’s largest HMO, is a major beneficiary of ObamaCare and jobs there should be plentiful. Medical tourism companies will hire. Solo practitioners will offer greater access…for an out-of-pocket fee. Care will downscale: More physical therapy work will be done by physical therapy assistants. Same for occupational therapy. More MD work will be done by physician assistants and nurse practitioners, and more anesthesiology will be done by nurse anesthetists. The nursing shortage will be addressed by hiring more RNs with just a two-year degree. Demand will grow for medical lab technicians as blood and urine tests cost less than in-the-patient diagnostic procedures. To improve efficiency, many jobs will be created to develop and implement electronic medical records systems.

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Top 5 Nursing Careers

1. Travel Nursing Careers

From the pristine coastlines of Honolulu to the picturesque coasts of Florida, there are thousands of locations in the United States, and around the globe, for you to pursue an occupation in nursing. Travel nursing lets you be in control of your nursing career. You choose the location, nursing specialty and length of commitment for each nursing project. With a scarcity of qualified nurses in medical facilities and centers throughout the country, you can find short-term work (usually eight weeks or as long as 26 weeks) in practically any area and offering reasonable compensation. Numerous facilities also offer perks such as free of cost real estate, in addition to sign-on and completion perks to nurses under contract.

2. Military Nursing Careers

Support our soldiers both in your home and abroad as a military nurse. In addition to the honor of shielding our country, picking a nursing profession in the armed forces opens the door to a broad variety of instructional, travel and career-enhancing perks. In return for solution in the military, you could receive monetary support for completing nursing programs, generous financial bonus offers, along with inexpensive housing, specialized exercise and world-wide travel chances. Do your component while advancing your nursing job.

3. Forensic Nursing Careers

Advances in the growing industry of forensic science have assisted law enforcement agencies bring offenders to justice. From documenting injuries to collecting important DNA proof, as a forensic nurse you will certainly be dealing with the front lines of justice. You will certainly counsel assault sufferers, conduct physical exams and gather evidence. You will certainly also play a direct component in taking crooks off the street by testifying against defendants at trial. As the relevance of forensic proof continues to grow, so will certainly the job chances in this stimulating brand-new industry.

4. Legal Nurse Consulting Careers

Be a medical detective and use your nursing expertise to analyze complex medical records for your legal team. Apply your medical abilities in the courtroom by testifying in court as a skilled witness on a broad variety of medical negligence, product liability and personal injury cases.

5. Surgical Nursing Careers

As a surgical nurse, you will assist during delicate organ transplants, precision laser cuts and quadruple heart bypasses, among others. From preparing clients before surgical procedure to assisting the surgeon in the operating room to charting development in recovery, surgical nurses are there for patients every action of the method. Monitoring vitals indicators, easing pain and comforting anxious clients and their family members are all a rewarding part of an occupation in surgical nursing.


Johnson & Johnson Campaign for Nursing’s Future turns 10

Ten years ago a nursing shortage loomed in the United States. A shortfall of about 400,000 nurses by 2020 was projected and, between 1983 and 1998, the proportion of RNs younger than 30 had dropped from 30% to 12%, according to a 2000 article in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

In response to this dire scenario, The Johnson & Johnson Campaign for Nursing’s Future emerged in 2002.

It had a number of highly ambitious goals, including improving the nursing profession’s image, recruiting new nurses and retaining RNs already in the field.

“When we started the campaign, the projections about the nursing shortage were pretty horrendous, and we felt we were in a unique position to work with key partners to alleviate the shortage,” said Andrea Higham, the campaign’s director.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the $50 million campaign, and new data suggests the campaign is one reason the supply of nurses has improved. According to an article published in December 2011 in Health Affairs, initiatives including the Campaign for Nursing’s Future contributed to a 62% increase in the number of young nurses (ages 23-26) entering the field between 2002 and 2009. “The campaign did something for nursing that nursing could not do for itself,” said Beverly Malone, RN, PhD, FAAN, CEO of the National League for Nursing. “We had been wondering for years how to get the word out about nursing, and they had access to the airwaves and the sensitivity to really capture the best parts of nursing and present it in a way that the public could understand.”

More at Johnson & Johnson Campaign for Nursing’s Future turns 10 –

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