The current job situation across the globe looks grim, with very few opportunities for the millions of graduates getting out of school every year. It therefore requires you to look for any money-making means. To individuals employed but without a sufficient take-home, you then have to supplement your income by other side-hustles. What better way than to consider writing for some much-needed cash?

Money-Making Ways through Writing

  • Freelance magazine reporting.  Sometimes, you can encounter an article in a magazine that you prove adept at and wonder how shallow the article’s author omitted a lot of information. It proves that regardless of your stature, you can still contribute to publications as a freelance writer. All you have to do entails turning your hobby or interest in a genre into a money-making gig.
  • Write website and blog content. Almost everyone in the contemporary world has access and presence online. You can write content for websites that people visit for a fee. Such sites for example can include Fiverr, and you can write content for a fee. You have to become specific regarding your skills, prove aware of writing rates for the type of writing and niche involved, besides getting realistic about the competition involved.    
  • Enroll in a writing competition. Try and check out websites for writing competitions with cash prize rewards. You can always find these competitions every week, so try and check platforms like the annual competition on the Writing Magazine. Such a competition comes with incredible prize money that you can potentially win when you enroll.
  • Online articles. A lot of websites exist that pay for articles. You only have to get a website like to write for them and get paid. Additionally, adhere to the guidelines required in the website you end up picking. Further, you have to remember that not every top-tier site can pay, though, in such instances, you can boost your profile and consequently sales.  Also, factor in the fact that in as much as the budget can prove low for websites compared to print budgets. However, websites for magazine brands need a steady stream of advertising content. Similarly, they also attract a fee which you can consider investing.
  • Publish your book. It proves possible to publish your book for commercial gains by trading it on platforms such as Amazon. Such platforms can generate substantial revenues from the sale of books. Most successful self-published writers prove prolific and write within the confines of commercial genres. Therefore, they can use social media at home to advertise their books.
  • Earn cash from snippets and fillers. Some publications like Readers Digest, That’s Life, etc., encourage reader contributions, and pay some money or prizes for fillers and letters. It can include recipes, top tips, true-life tales, and jokes, among many other snippets. While other publications can fail to offer money, such publications have brilliant rewards for letters.
  • Compose a bestseller. It can work or refuse to work out because it comes without any guarantees. Further, it comes without any successful formula. However, it cannot mean that you cannot delve into writing bestsellers and excelling at it.  When you write such a book, you get an opportunity to establish a connection with a large readership. So, write a piece in the best possible manner that you can, and expose it to see what happens. Further, see what type of reception it will get. Who knows? You might become the next JK Rowling or James Patterson. But to put it mildly, such success comes with hard work and patience, but you can always take pride in the fact that you finished writing a book and published it. Just remember to save up on your royalties and invest them wisely, opposed to spending them all at once.   

Not every strategy explained can work for everyone. So, pick a strategy that will suit your writing objectives.


Everyone wants to make an extra coin daily, and every means available to do this proves welcomed. Because of this, writing can become a useful source of revenue, and all you have to do entails knowing how to write and link up with the right platform that has a form of payment or reward system. If you prove such an individual, then consider the outlined strategies to become successful.