When you want to make freelancing your source of income, you need to understand that not all gigs get developed equally. Some pay well, while others issue out coins. If you channel your efforts on opportunities that pay well and avoid spending your precious time on those that offer peanuts, you will have a better chance of having lump sum payments. Here is a list of some of the worst jobs in writing:

  1. Descriptive articles

Back in the day, product descriptions used to cough off good money, but the internet ran down the cluster to the ground. No single freelancer has praised it as a well-paying type of writing in recent years. It is nowadays not considered well paying, and many companies do not even care about blogs or articles. It is a job for writers who are willing to get paid with the worst of payments.

  1. Resume Writing

It is a niche that used to pay well. But since the dawn of free online tools, the market has gone down in drains. Nowadays, there is not much work that pays well from it. Another let down is, customers will only need one in their lifetime to get updated or two if they want to pursue a different career path. If you continue with this niche, you will soon be jobless and will find yourself writing your resume.

  1. Review

Writing reviews is dead as a gig. First of all, they never paid well. Imagine this. You are to read a whole book, then write a review about it and get paid $100? That is not far from a scam. Whether you’re writing for a restaurant, movie, or book, you will find that sites like Rotten Tomatoes and Yelp have grabbed that market. The influx of free reviews have degraded the market and have made some markets quit paying people to do the job.

  1. Personal essays

The niche has gotten challenged by many waves and tides. For instance, the sites that publish stories for free have impacted the market of personal essays by far. If today you find a market that is willing to pay you $100 for a lengthy script, then you have got a goldmine. Most gigs find authors who have surpassed the market by far. Personal essays are much more like resumes as they are a one-time win. You will have to scratch your head to find good pitches for your essay but still get low pay.

  1. Poems and Short stories

Fiction work is now unreliable and does not pay as much as it used to. The poetry market fell off long ago, and even magazines nowadays do not publish them. The market is quite a rocky one, and writers who venture into such waters should be passion-driven. If you are a writer and you want to make a living off this type of writing, then you will only be wasting your time and effort. Most poets have day jobs, and they do the side hustle for fun. Coming up with a website to market the pieces is a good idea, but first, you must get your audience in check before embarking on that long journey.