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Research Procedure for Historical Writing

What is historical research? Historical research is a systematic way of finding past events, people, meaning, events, and how the past shapes the present. People refer to historical research as historiography. Historical researches depend on different materials as a source of information. The sources may be primary or secondary. The primary sources of…

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The most Substandard Writing Jobs

When you want to make freelancing your source of income, you need to understand that not all gigs get developed equally. Some pay well, while others issue out coins. If you channel your efforts on opportunities that pay well and avoid spending your precious time on those that offer peanuts, you will have…

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Tips on Starting a Writing Career

Are you wondering how people become writers? You can make a fair amount from writing. Writers borrow skills from different fields to produce a document that makes them earn from their clients. They deliver creative work, such as children, books, poetry, travel, script, and technical writing. But what exact skills and steps do…

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Guide on Becoming a Ghostwriter

Keen freelance writers understand that their revenue comes from other sources, apart from writing articles for clients or magazines. In the long run, freelance writing can lead to writing e-books or books for yourselves or as a ghostwriter. However, if you wish to ghostwrite e-books in exchange for paperbacks with clients, consider the…

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